Using Edtech to Improve Outcomes for Students with Autism

New data from the National Autism Indicators Report reveals that one-third of young adults (ages 18-25) with autism don’t have jobs or attend college. Only 19 percent of young adults with autism have ever lived independently from their parents, compared to 60 percent of their typically developing peers.

Clearly this is not what we want for our students. In many ways, our special education system – which is supposed to be preparing students with disabilities for the real world – has failed them.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.


Mastering French Grammar and Vocabulary - About Education Degrees

For learners who have studied the first two ALISON French courses, this third course will further increase your understanding of the French language. You will build on your existing knowledge of French vocabulary and master important areas of grammar that will greatly improve your comprehension of the French language and your ability to communicate effectively with native French speakers.


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Blended and Online Assessment Taxonomy Infographic - e-Learning Infographics

The Blended and Online Assessment Taxonomy Infographic presents types of activities and grading and feedback criteria to help you plan better assessments.

Adult Education Degree Programs - About Education Degrees

As the name suggests, adult education programs prepare you to work with adult learners. The programs are based on adult learning philosophy, known as andragogy. In andragogy, learners are assumed to be self-motivated, self-directed, and have accumulated life experiences that need to be accounted for in course design and delivery. 
Campus-based and online education in adult education programs can lead to interesting and satisfying careers facilitating learning in adults. This page provides information on what is studied in these programs, where you can study them, what the prospects are after completion, and more. 

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Learn Coding: Stay up to date with the latest technology

Stay up to date with the latest technology for web and app development. Whether you are looking for a new career, want to keep your skills cutting edge for your job, or just want to learn coding for fun, these TreeHouse courses will help you.


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Learn Conversational German - About Education Degrees

This free online German language course will be of great interest to anybody wanting to travel to Germany or a German speaking region, either as a tourist or for business, business people who have regular contact with German speaking colleagues and for any learner who has an interest in speaking or reading German.


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What We Learn from Making - Usable Knowledge

What are the real benefits of a maker-centered approach to learning? It’s often described as a way to incubate STEM skills or drive technical innovation — and it is probably both of these. But as a new report from Project Zero’s Agency by Design concludes, the real value of maker education has more to do with building character than with building the next industrial revolution.  


Creative Schools: Revolutionizing Education - About Education Degrees

Sir Ken Robinson: 

If you design a system to do something specific, don’t be surprised if it does it. If you run an education system based on standardisation and conformity, which suppresses individuality, imagination and creativity, don’t be surprised if that’s what it does.


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Mobile learning content management systems - About Education Degrees

Mobile learning involves use of mobile devices to participate in learning activities. Most e-learning activities are available to participants through learning systems such as learning content management systems (LCMS). Due to certain challenges, LCMS are not equally accessible on all mobile devices.


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The 6 C`s of Education for the 21st Century | Infogram, charts & infographics | eSkills


The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.



Free Video Chat & Conferencing Tools and How to Use Them

Tips and Resources for Using Free Video Conferencing Tools in Your Classroom Video conferencing and chat tools can be a wonderful instructional resource, as most educators know. You can bring the outside world and guests into your classroom, enable a

Transforming Teaching and Learning in Asia and the Pacific: Case Studies from Seven Countries

How are our teachers teaching in schools in the Asia-Pacific region? Do their pedagogical practices meet the needs of the 21st century? What is required to change teaching and learning? Through case studies on changing pedagogical landscapes in seven countries - Fiji, Indonesia, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, the Republic of Korea, and Viet Nam - this publication reflects on these questions and explores opportunities and challenges in transforming teaching and learning.

Stewart-Marshall's insight:
A free e-book from UNESCO.


Ofslides — Convert PPT to Video Presentation

Converts your PPT presentation into a video and adds a voice over using the text you type in.


International computing curricular in African universities - About Education Degrees

Efforts are been made by Universities in developing countries to ensure that it’s graduate are not left behind in the competitive global information society; thus have adopted international computing curricular for their computing degree programs. However, adopting these international curricula seem to be very challenging for developing countries having in mind that they were developed for developed rather than developing countries realities.


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How Pinterest’s Buy Buttons Can Change e-Commerce

Will buyable pins turn Pinterest into the web’s new shopping mecca? That’s the question marketing and e-commerce professionals need to answer now that Pinterest has announced it will soon offer “Buy” buttons to let users buy products directly within its app. And while there are plenty of reasons to think that buyable pins could turn the platform into an e-commerce powerhouse, it stands a greater chance of succeeding if it adopts key features offered by other online retailers and search engines, such as Amazon, and adapts them to the unique habits of the Pinterest community.


Which African country gets the most venture capital investment?

Omar Mohammed looks at which African countries are attracting investors.

As the venture capital sector expands and matures across the continent more jobs are being created more frequently, says a new venture capital study. In particular the two largest economies, Nigeria and South Africa are attracting more investment that helps drive interest beyond their own borders.

But where is the money going? South Africa leads the continent in terms of investments its entrepreneurs are receiving.  Meanwhile, Nigeria gets the highest number of VC investments while Kenya boasts the most foreign based investments, according to data by Venture Capital for Africa, a platform that profiles ventures in the continent.



Sesame Street helps poor kids learn faster

The Kermits and Cookie Monsters embed moral and mathematical lessons in the show, helping kids keep up as well as Head Start does.


I often ask myself this same question. While I do work most of June, July and much of August is spent with my two boys, age 6 and 8. If you have boys, then you know that you have to keep them busy and many times plan activities and games in advance. So thinking forward to this summer… I have started curating and preparing a few resources to support those of you that are home with your little darlings too…

Launch of the first Solar Academy in Africa

Senegalese-American pop singer Akon, founder of Akon Lighting Africa, which aims to bring electricity to Africans who currently lack it, announced the launch of a new “Solar Academy” to develop skills and expertise in this field in Africa. This professional training center of excellence is a first on the continent and targets future African entrepreneurs, engineers and technicians.

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How do we prepare the students of today to be tomorrow’s digital leaders?

"To understand the extent to which the skills taught in education systems around the world are changing, and whether they meet the needs of employers and society more widely, Google commissioned research from The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). The EIU surveyed senior business executives, teachers and students."

ICT to raise quality of teaching and learning - About Education Degrees

This paper aims to help higher education teachers know, and be able to deploy, certain information and communication technologies (ICTs) towards shifting from teacher-centred pedagogy to learner-centred instruction for increased quality of teaching and learning. Theories and many practices have emerged that have faulted teacher-centred classrooms common in educational institutions, especially in developing countries. The argument is that teacher-centred approach to delivering subject contents does not produce the calibre of school leavers and graduates the twenty-first century society needs. This argument has necessitated a longstanding call for a shift to student-centred teaching and collaborative learning.


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Commonwealth of Learning - Large-Scale, Government-Supported Educational Tablet Initiatives

A growing number of countries are embarking on large-scale, government-supported initiatives to distribute tablet devices to students in the K–12 schooling sector. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that by simply putting this technology in the hands of students, educational access issues will be resolved and educational transformation will occur. In this research project, a systematic review of current government-supported tablet initiatives around the world was conducted to understand their origins, underlying principles, financial and organisational models, and expected outcomes. An extensive literature search and data extracted from identified documents showed that 11 countries have launched government-led tablet initiatives. The review concluded that the majority of these initiatives have been driven by the tablet hype rather than by educational frameworks or research-based evidence. Download the COL Report at: http://ift.tt/1Fy001D


ICT implementation in Saudi secondary schools - About Education Degrees

The role of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) in education is undisputed globally. However, although Saudi Arabia government has invested heavily in the ICT sector in education, the progression has often been disappointing. The barriers hindering the successful implementation of ICT in Saudi Arabia remain serious questions for decision-makers and educators alike. The purpose of this study is to determine the barriers and examine factors affecting the successful implementation of ICT in Saudi secondary schools.

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Free Education Technology Resources eBook - About Education Degrees

This post links to a book review of "EmergingEdTech’s 2013 Free Education Technology Resources eBook". 


This eBook provides an overview and access links to many free and non-free applications and resources on the internet for teachers and students to use inside and outside the classroom for teaching, management and productivity purposes.

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