8 digital skills we must teach our children

Digital intelligence or "DQ" is the set of social, emotional and cognitive abilities that enable individuals to face the challenges and adapt to the demands of digital life. These abilities can broadly be broken down into eight interconnected areas.


10 Interesting Ways to Integrate QR Codes in Your Teaching (Infographic) ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning


Best EdTech and Authoring Tools lists

Educational Technology and Authoring Tools lists by categories: electronic resources for teachers and elearning designers.


Free Technology for Teachers: Google Expeditions Will Soon Be Available to iPad Users

Last week Google released another round of updates to their Expeditions program. Expeditions is the virtual reality program that lets students experience immersive views of more than 200 places including the International Space Station, coral reefs, the Taj Mahal, and the White House.

Currently, to experience Expeditions you must have a Google Cardboard viewer and a supported Android device. According to last week's Google for Education blog post, soon you will be able to experience Expeditions on iPads. On your iPad you will be able to use full screen mode to view the Expeditions virtual field trips.


[TEDxTalks] The brave new world of Online Learning (Amy Collier)

Amy Collier works with faculty, instructional designers and doctoral students to explore and design online learning experiences at Stanford.

MMT 2 : Augmented Reality (AR) in Education

In this MMT we will be looking at Augmented Reality and its implications in the classroom. The four apps we will be looking at are:ColarMix, 4D Anatomy, 4D ...

Free Technology for Teachers: Six Good Places to Find Free Music and Sound Effects

Picking the right music or sound effects can have a drastic influence on how we react to a scene in a video. Here are some places that you and your students can find free sound effects and music to download and use in video projects.

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[VIDEO] 5 technologies that will change Classroom Education

The potential for new technology in the classroom is really cool – and also kind of creepy. Here are five technologies that could dramatically change the way we learn.


Nik Peachey's Educational Technology Newsletter - August 18th 2016

In this newsletter I have links to 7 new educational tools and 7 of the most interesting learning and tech related articles and ebooks.