15 More Apps To Create Books On The iPad

15 More Apps To Create Books On The iPad

Creating books on the iPad doesn't seem like the first thing you might do with one of the popular little tablets, but it's really quite capable of doing so provided you're not trying to write the next great novel.


UNESCO Office in Bangkok: Collection of E-Learning Tools. Recommended for learners age 3-13

The UNESCO Bangkok ICT in Education Programme has created this CD-ROM which contains a collection of free e-learning tools suitable for children age 3-13. They are useful for instructed learning and self-learning.


The e-learning tools on the CD-ROM are divided into the following categories: Educational Suites, Language Learning, Mathematics, Arts & Graphics, Computer Literacy and Geography & Astronomy. The CD-ROM can be downloaded free of charge at this page.


Teach With Movies - Lesson Plans from movies for all subjects

Movie Lesson Plans Based on Films that will Inspire and Motivate Students; 425+ Movie Lesson Plans for High School, Middle School, Elementary and Home School

How to Copy Pictures from iPhone, Camera, or Memory Card to Photos App on Mac - OSXDaily

Many Mac users rely on their iPhone as their primary digital camera, but even if you have a separate camera, or use a variety of memory cards stuffed with images, you may wish to copy pictures from any of those devices directly into the Photos app of OS X. Importing images from any camera, iPhone, iPad, Android, or memory card directly into Photos app is really easy, so if you like using the Photos app as your picture management software, you'll be happy to know that regardless of the device type, it's a quick process to copy the pictures directly into Photos app with little effort.


How To: Create an Interactive E-Book with Google Slides

In a one-to-one school district, teachers have the freedom to create, curate, and share content like never before. Read more to find out how Google Slides can give you such liberty!


UK ranks fourth in the World for IT and telecommunications Access

South Korea is the top country with highest level of information and communication technology access.

Free Video Presentation Software - Animated Video Maker and PowerPoint alternative

The best free online & offline business video presentation software tool that allows you to create awesome animated business video explainers & multimedia presentation..


Top 100 Free Education Sites

Last year, Help Teaching brought you our Top 100 Free Education Sites. Since technology and new websites are always being discovered we decided to update our list with some awesome new websites and new categories.

17 apps and web tools to help you write a better research paper - Daily Genius

Any college student eventually comes up against that academic kryptonite: the dreaded research paper. Most students consider it a necessary evil, but research papers are actually a very effective way to hone research and writing skills. These are important things to have in any profession, especially if you are into science, and it does help your personal development.

Editor's note: Antonio helps you walk through each step of the research paper process – links to the 17 apps and web tools are highlighted within each step.