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Are You Prepared For The Future Of Social Learning?

"With the Internet exploding with information resources and tools for learning, teachers can be facilitators of information with a greater emphasis on explanation and critical thinking as opposed to the dissemination source. Formal learning systems have in some cases been slower to adopt this model, rightfully concerned with accuracy of material and consistency; yet with ever increasing numbers of individuals accessing information in learning environments, the necessity of these formal systems to adopt technological change is very clear."

The Generation That Doesn't Remember Life Before Smartphones

This generation is the first for whom the freedom to express every impulse to the entire world is as easy as it used to be to open your mouth and talk to a friend. How does all that change the monotony and joy and pain and wonder and turmoil that is the average teenager's life? What is it like?


How augmented reality can contribute to education

Augmented reality has become a way to engage studious people and to address learning disabilities. Because it can overlay digital content and information onto the real world, it opens up a new range of learning opportunities


Top 20 Udemy Courses: Amazing Black Friday Deals | Best Online Courses

Whether your interest is in becoming a writer with a bestseller on Kindle, or in getting PMP® certification, or in becoming a startup founder, there's a course for you at Udemy. And the best thing is that they are on offer right now. Black Friday Deals are available from now until November 27!


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Collaboration & Connectedness the Key to Quality Teaching

Most teachers recognise the potential for collaboration between students and the importance of it as a component of a 21st Century education and yet many do not take full advantage of the opportunities they have for collaboration as teachers. Others have found the benefits and willingly share ideas gathered from their personal learning network and contribute to Twitter chats and attend Teach Meets.

How to Keep up with all the Constant Changes in Technology

Classroom teachers and technology innovation has been a hot topic for many, many years. It doesn't have to be stressful trying to learn something new. Approaching new technology with a plan in place will help you to become a master at technology in the classroom and will reduce the stress that naturally comes with trying to learn new technology.


The Parents’ Guide to Teens and Mobile Phone Use

An infographic that helps parents and teenagers make the most of the inevitable role of technology in our lives – "Parents' Guide to Teens and Mobile Phone Use".

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7 Myths and Facts About Online Learning

Now that the number of students taking at least one online course has surpassed 6.7 million it's high time we dispel the myth and discover the truth about online learning. Via: www.myeducation.com


What is digital fluency?

Crucially, the outcome of being digitally fluent relates to issues of responsibility, equity and access. We all have the right to fully participate in a digitally-enabled education system and in an increasingly digitised society. If we work with fluency in the way we use technologies, we are able to keep ourselves safe online and take full advantage of life chance opportunities such as being able to apply for work, manage our finances, or be part of our local community


Nik's Learning Technology Blog: Creating illustrations and infographics for ELT tasks

Draw.io is one of my favourite tools and the one I use most for creating graphics and infographics. As someone who doesn't draw very well and has only limited design abilities it has really helped me out a number of times and enabled me to produce professional looking illustrations, product mockups and teaching materials.