How to Minimize Digital Classroom Distractions

Classroom technologies such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and wireless internet access offer exciting opportunities to enhance and deepen the learning process. However, using technology in the classroom can also bring multiple distractions to students. Without your proactive supervision, students might access games, web pages, and social networking sites as you deliver instruction.


4 Stages: The Integration Of Technology In Learning

What are the stages of technology in learning, and how can these stages be used as a framework for improving learning?


Africa: Sustainable Development for All? - About Education Degrees

This free online course by the University of Aberdeen in the UK assesses the progress made to date in the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals and discusses whether the proposed UN post-2015 sustainable development agenda can be achieved in sub-Saharan Africa. 


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[Infographic] Reshaping Modern Education with Technology

Over the last few years, modern education has gone through some major changes. Teachers have long adopted interactive technologies and students increasingly use smart devices to access learning resources.

The Reshaping Modern Education with Technology Infographic outlines some of the key figures related to the use of technology in modern education, particularly focusing on language learning. As a highly interactive field, language learning largely benefited from the development of tools that enable real-time communication. Currently, language learning is one of the most popular fields of educational innovation, especially in terms of self-study apps. With thousands of downloads and almost as many active users, language learning apps are changing the ways we approach languages.


The MOOC revolution that wasn’t

“In 50 years,” Thrun told Wired, “there will be only 10 institutions in the world delivering higher education and Udacity has a shot at being one of them.”

Three years later, Thrun and the other MOOC startup founders are now telling a different story. The latest tagline used by Thrun to describe his company: “Uber for Education.”

“At the end of the day, the true value proposition of education is employment,” Thrun told Fast Company, crystallizing the new MOOC rhetoric. Rather than education for all, MOOCs now merely promise education for employability. 



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20 helpful apps for teachers and educators

Students shouldn't be the only ones trying to use their smartphones in the classroom. Check out our top picks for the best apps for teachers and educators.

Get Started with Online Learning

In this free online course by The Open University, you will find out what online learning is and what it can offer you. You’ll discover the skills required for online study and evaluate your own study skillset. You’ll also examine how students form online communities and how they benefit from flexible study arrangements while still being supported by dedicated tutors.


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Coding in the Classroom: 16 Top Resources

As cool as technology is, its intricacies and inner workings are sometimes intimidating, especially for young people who may be more interested in what technology can do for them rather than what they can do with technology.


CEO Of The World's First MOOC Provides Hope To Former Prisoners Through Education - About Education Degrees

In an in-depth interview with the magazine, Mr Feerick talks about the progress the world’s first MOOC has made since Forbes last spoke to him in 2013 and the recent launch of ALISON’s innovative Advanced Diploma in Workforce Re-Entry Skills, which is giving new hope to former prisoners through education.


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Curation, as a Pedagogical Tool To Embolden Critical Thinking in Education

Exploring Curation as a core competency in digital and media literacy education

Five Tips for New Teachers to Become Connected Educators

While the idea of being or becoming a connected educator is important, as a new teacher, this may seem completely overwhelming. There are resources in abundance for this month of learning, such as the CEM Starter Kit and the Connected Educator Month Calendar. These sites are packed with information.

16 Websites and Apps for Making Videos and Animation

For this week's Top Picks List Friday, we are featuring websites and apps for making videos and animations. Teachers know that video making is a tried and true way to get kids engaged in building, demonstrating, and sharing knowledge. These apps and sites feature user-friendly tools and features...


Tanzania Among Top 10 Most Attractive Destinations For FDI In Africa

Tanzania Among The Top 10 Most Attractive Destinations For FDI In Africa

Africa’s neither ‘rising’ nor ‘falling’ but it is growing—fast

When it comes to Africa, a host of differing narratives shape the story around its countries' divergent economic progress.