Introduction to Cyber Security – A Free Online Course | Best Online Courses

Our lives increasingly depend on digital services – for work, play and shopping – and so the need to protect our information from being maliciously disrupted or misused is really important. This free online course from The Open University UK will help you to understand online security and how to protect your digital life, whether at home or work.


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Digital Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries Describe Hurdles and Successes

A Serbian entrepreneur with an online portal for selling cattle. The Kenyan founder of an online crafts marketplace that works with artisans who have no bank accounts. The CEO of a software services provider in Nepal. Three entrepreneurs discuss the challenges and benefits of e-commerce in this series of videos.

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Free Online E-Learning Course - About Education Degrees

The free online course Introduction to E-Learning Theory and Practice, by Advance Learning Academy, is an overview of internationally recognized and research-based e-learning theory and methodologies for creating effective e-learning courses.

This online course will be of interest to teachers, trainers and all subject matter experts who would like to learn more about the theory and practice behind designing and developing effective e-learning courses.

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Is the digital learning revolution a waste of money? | New Scientist

Computer devices are routinely hailed as transformative learning aids but the claims are crumbling, says neuroscientist Manfred Spitzer


Why build a Personal Learning Network?

Blogging on a regular basis has helped me understand what I do as a teacher. It has expanded my understanding of learning, forced me to read more widely about education as I search for ideas that may evolve into posts and added a new dimension to my reflective practice. Regular writing with an audience in mind has provided insight to the process of writing that I have shared with my students and the blog has become a resource I call upon when sharing ideas and planning with colleagues.


Amazing Future Technologies that will Change our World

Future Technologies
A Video featuring Amazing Future Technologies that will Change our World


Vasopressin Emerges as Hormone of Interest in Autism Research

Ask a physician what the hormone vasopressin is good for, and she will explain that it regulates the volume of water in your body and also affects blood pressure. But since the 1990s, vasopressin has been a hot topic in a very different field: social behavior. And recently it has emerged as a possible target for treating autism spectrum disorders (ASD), which are characterized by social, behavioral and communication impairments. The research is still in early stages, however, and has yielded more questions than answers.


What Education Technology Could Look Like Over the Next Five Years

As things stand now, many teachers receive professional development around technology platforms that often turn over or are replaced by something else. The report notes, "This challenge is exacerbated by the fact that digital literacy is less about tools and more about thinking, and thus skills and standards based on tools and platforms have proven to be somewhat ephemeral."


UN News - Literacy for all 'must stand at the heart' of new sustainable development agenda – UNESCO chief

Urging governments and partners to join forces for universal literacy as a key component of "the future we want," the United Nations is emphasizing that literacy is essential to reach the newly-proposed Sustainable Development Goal on promoting...


Can MOOCs Become Part of Best Practices in Online Learning?

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have captured the headlines in higher education in the past year. These new platforms were developed to enable both open access and large scale participation in online courses. Many top tier universities are joining the MOOCs bandwagon, afraid of missing an important piece of the Web-based phenomenon. It is our goal as educators to assess whether or not they can become a best practice in online learning.



New digital card program aims to put library books on the screens of thousands

The West University Library had been open for less than an hour Friday afternoon, and already a handful of people had marked their individual territory throughout the first floor. Some used the library's desktop computers. Others perused newspapers and periodicals in the library's reading room.
Some, such as Gregory McCracken, set up a mobile office for the day. The floor-to-ceiling window brought in plenty of natural light for his temporary workstation.
The building can be an ideal environment for many Harris County residents for work or study, but library officials are providing a new option, a digital card, allowing access to thousands of e-books, digital magazines and movies directly onto the user's device of choice.

Use mind maps to reinforce flipped learning

Flipping the classroom promotes independent learning, personalizes instruction and encourages collaboration. But in order for it to work, students need to actually learn the material at home.


How the Flipped Classroom Changes from Schools to Colleges

Check out this infographic to find how the flipped classroom changes from schools to colleges in terms of: Subjects most flipped, Common Resources, Student Tech Access, Key Educator Concerns, Teacher Tools, How Many Educators Try it?Teacher Feedback, Motivation to Flipping


The Value of Distance Learning - Especially When It's Free

Like distance learning, online learning or e learning allows you to study subjects that you might not have previously considered. However, the real value in online learning is that it saves time and money, especially with free online providers such as ALISON.


Online learning with ALISON has the added advantages of being self-paced, meaning you can learn at a rate that suits your schedule or discipline, and vocational, meaning you can also upskill for free, protecting you from any fluctuations in your job or industry.


ALISON provides learners with an alternative mode of continuing education by offering a massive volume of certified courses online, for free.


12 Golden Social Media Rules For eLearning Professionals

Wondering about the Social Media Rules For eLearning Professionals? Check the 12 Golden Social Media Rules For eLearning Professionals.

36 Weeks of Innovation for Your Classroom

Recently, it's been reported that U.S. "Millennials" are not making the mark when it comes to technology proficiency and problem solving when compared to counterparts in other countries (19th out o...

Myths and Realities of Online Training

Despite the prevalence of online training, many myths about this method of delivery remain.