Measuring the Internet Economy

There is a high level of interest, in being able to measure the size of the Internet economy as a way to understand the effects of various investment strategies, regulatory rulings and policy decisions. The existing OECD research presented in this report and in the Internet Economy Outlook illustrates the importance of establishing an international definition and the need to develop related policies. According to one of the approaches, at least 3.2% and up to 13.8% of business sector value added in the United States in 2011 could be attributed to Internet-related activities depending on the scope of the definition. It needs to be highlighted that the respective figures for 2010 were 3% and up to 13%. This indicates that the Internet economy has reported a steady growth rate since 2010.


OECD (2013), “Measuring the Internet Economy: A Contribution to the Research Agenda”, OECD Digital Economy Papers, No. 226, OECD Publishing. http://dx.doi.org/10.1787/5k43gjg6r8jf-en