University students and faculty have positive perceptions of open/ alternative resources and their utilization in a textbook replacement initiative | Delimont | Research in Learning Technology

The objective of this study was to determine the perceptions towards OAERs and the initiative, of students enrolled in, and faculty members teaching, courses using OAERs.


The end of ‘just Google it’: Why students need to be digitally literate

With so much information readily available in a range of multimodal formats, from text to multimedia, apps and social networking, we need to blend technological learning and critical literacy together so that students can critically appraise the information that they are accessing.

Mobile Learning: No Longer About the Technology, but About the Learning

A transition, quietly but most assuredly, has occurred: Today, in 2016, discussions under the heading "mobile learning" are becoming more about how "all-the-time, everywhere learning" can be supported with "mobile" technology than about mobile devices and apps. That transition has huge pedagogical implications!

7 Tips To Use Facebook Groups In eLearning

Wondering how to use Facebook Groups In eLearning? Read this article to discover 7 Tips To Use Facebook Groups In eLearning.


Online education trend: 20 resources for Online Learning

Getting started with something new is usually a challenging and time-consuming task. Traditionally, you need to bury your nose in books. It sounds boring. However, on the Internet it takes a whole new turn. With numerous online educational programs, things begin to look more pleasant and enjoyable. You can quickly grasp the solution and remain in a positive mood. It is not surprising that online learning has doubled in popularity and has become a real trend.

You can find certified tutors for different issues: there are walkthroughs for everyone and everything from knitting a sweater to 'cooking' a fully working mobile application. You can mature as a specialist or taste a brand-new field. The great thing is that real experts are involved. Not only do they explain techniques and basics but also share their precious experience and even reveal their secrets.

Digital Storytelling Wheel for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

15 Tech Tool Favorites From ISTE 2016

A Google certified educator and ed-tech trainer shares some her favorite tech tool gems both inside the Google suite and beyond.


Video Game Mechanics and Online Learning

We look at seven tried and tested video game mechanics to explain why they work, and how they're being used to engage learners with their training


3 Easy Ways to Capture Learning With Your Cell Phone

By Starr Sackstein, NBCT Student learning can sometimes get lost in moments as teachers work with individual groups or one-on-one with a single student. Although the one student or few students win, the others are often left behind.