ICT Opportunities and Threats for Children

For many children around the world today there are no artificial boundaries between being 'offline' and 'online'. The environments that children find themselves in are increasingly digital, as much of their socializing, learning, civic engagement and entertainment happens online. In many countries, children and young people are among the greatest users of this technology. Even in countries where overall internet penetration is low, it is much higher among the 15-24 age group.


How to Evaluate Web Resources

Effective and credible writing requires authoritative and verifiable resources. Learn the best ways to evaluate sources of information on the Web.


Helping Students Become Better Online Researchers | Edudemic

When it comes to social media, students may know more than you, but as students progress through school, online research skills become more important.


Scoop.It for SEO – A New World of Curation [Infographic]

For almost everyone who is a part of the online world coming up with fresh content consistently is a big challenge. Practically every guideline advises that content should be engaging, informative and relevant every single time. Consequently, content curation has taken off in a big way.

Simply put, content curation is the process of curating relevant and interesting content from various sources on the web and putting them together and publishing them on a personal site or blog. As a result of the popularity of the content curation process, a number of content marketing tools have been introduced. These tools are meant to help in the process of content marketing and SEO and facilitate the process of curation...


Lesson plans and activities for exploiting video

There are now more than 40 step-by-step lesson plans as well as chapters on different approaches and paradigms for exploiting video, such as how to use video in blended learning, task based learning (TBL) or content and language integrated learning (CLIL).

Infographic: Ed tech can change the world

Educational technology is making a huge impact on how students learn, how teachers teach and how education is done.


Introduction to Cyber Security – A Free Online Course | Best Online Courses

Our lives increasingly depend on digital services – for work, play and shopping – and so the need to protect our information from being maliciously disrupted or misused is really important. This free online course from The Open University UK will help you to understand online security and how to protect your digital life, whether at home or work.


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Digital Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries Describe Hurdles and Successes

A Serbian entrepreneur with an online portal for selling cattle. The Kenyan founder of an online crafts marketplace that works with artisans who have no bank accounts. The CEO of a software services provider in Nepal. Three entrepreneurs discuss the challenges and benefits of e-commerce in this series of videos.

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Free Online E-Learning Course - About Education Degrees

The free online course Introduction to E-Learning Theory and Practice, by Advance Learning Academy, is an overview of internationally recognized and research-based e-learning theory and methodologies for creating effective e-learning courses.

This online course will be of interest to teachers, trainers and all subject matter experts who would like to learn more about the theory and practice behind designing and developing effective e-learning courses.

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Is the digital learning revolution a waste of money? | New Scientist

Computer devices are routinely hailed as transformative learning aids but the claims are crumbling, says neuroscientist Manfred Spitzer