CAI in mathematics at elementary level in Pakistan - Masters and PhDs

This IJEDICT article is about CAI in mathematics at elementary level in Pakistan. The major objective of the study was to elicit the effect of three instructional methods for teaching of mathematics on low, average and high achiever elementary school students. Three methods: traditional instructional method, computer assisted instruction (CAI) and teacher facilitated mathematics learning software were employed for the teaching of three chapters of six class mathematics textbook (Integers, Algebra and Geometry). Interactive software was developed, using the contents of these three chapters.


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Kenya Climate Innovation Center launches first crowdfunding program in East Africa | infoDev

The Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) — an initiative of the World Bank and its global entrepreneurship program infoDev — has officially launched the first-ever support program for crowdfunding in East Africa. In its pilot phase, the program has helped six clean-tech ventures design, develop, and launch their online crowdfunding campaigns.


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ICT4RED: Use of tablets in rural education in South Africa - Masters and PhDs

In an endeavour to find solutions to the country’s improving but ailing education the South African government through some of its department is attempting to find out if the introduction of technology in the class room has the promised potential to improve teaching and learning. The paper is based on a pilot study currently underway in Cofimvaba in Eastern Cape Province where tablets have been introduced in a number of schools to teachers. The paper used Cofimvaba ICT4RED initiative as a case study.

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Emerging Practices in Open Online Learning Environments

I joined Audrey Watters, Philipp Schmidt, Stephen Downes, and Jeremy Friedberg in Toronto last week, to give a talk at Digital Learning Reimagined, an event hosted and organized by Ryerson University s Chang School.

New Learning, New Society - by Stephen Downes

Talk given to the Chang School at Ryerson University outline the weakness of traditional models of online learning and arguing instead for a student-centered and self-organized system.


45 Free Stock Images for E-learning

Here are 45 free stock images for you to use in your e-learning courses. They are curated from the free stock images available via Unsplash.com.


Agro-students’ appraisal of online registration of academic courses - Masters and PhDs

With integration of information technology tool for academic course registration in the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, the study assessed the agro-students’ appraisal of the online tool for course registration. A simple random sampling technique was used to select 325 agro-students; and validated and reliable questionnaire was used for collection of data on the study objectives.


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Measurement invariance of the UTAUT constructs in the Caribbean - Masters and PhDs

This article employs confirmatory factor analysis to evaluate the factorial validity and the cross-national comparability of the UTAUT constructs with respect to mobile learning in higher education in four Caribbean countries. Except for the measurement of one factor, the UTAUT constructs exhibit adequate reliability and validity.

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How Course Web Design Impacts Student Engagement -- Campus Technology

When Instructure began analyzing the course designs for its higher ed customers, the LMS company discovered something about getting students to interact with the online elements of their courses.

What It’s Like to Try Magic Leap’s Take on Virtual Reality | MIT Technology Review

A startup is betting more than half a billion dollars that it will dazzle you with its approach to creating 3-D imagery.Availability: 1-3 years