Infographic: The Rise of Mobile Learning

"47% of organizations are now using mobile devices for their online training needs."

5 Ways YouTube Can Transform Your eLearning Course

Wondering how to use YouTube in your eLearning courses? Read this article to discover 5 ways YouTube can transform your next eLearning course.


Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0 vs Web 4.0 vs Web 5.0 – A bird’s eye on the evolution and definition

Do you know the answer to the next simple question? "What do you know about web 2.0 technology?" What's so interesting about this video, is the simple fact that none of these so called digital natives are familiar with the term web 2.0. Although they never had a life without technology, they just don't know…

Stewart-Marshall's insight:
Web 5.0 will be about the (emotional) interaction between humans and computers. The interaction will become a daily habit for a lot of people based on neurotechnology.

theLearnia - Free Online Whiteboard

theLearnia helps teachers to flip their classroom by creating awesome video lessons within minutes and share with their students


Social learning: the revolution in eLearning

How can an age-old learning strategy, like social learning, make your eLearning course pop? Read this article and find out the benefits of social learning!

Stewart-Marshall's insight:
In order to have an authentic social learning experience, learning management systems are increasingly offering social capabilities. Learners are now able to share experiences and research new knowledge and combine the two in learning forums to create new knowledge for peers. Social learning leads to better learning and improved self-affirmation.


Becoming Innovative: 15 New Ideas Every Teacher Should Try -

What are the latest emerging trends in education?

As trends to do, these are changing almost yearly. Consider how quiet iPads in the classroom have been recently, whereas three years ago they were going to replace teachers and were (unsarcastically) compared to magic. While mobile devices like the iPad can indeed parallel a kind of magic in the learning process, it obviously has to 'fit' into a progressive supporting ecology of assessment, curriculum, and instruction.

With that in mind, we've created a list of 15 (the graphic plus 3 bonus items below) new ideas every teacher should try. Not all will fit or work–again, it depends on the ecology of the classroom, school, and so on. But each of these ideas below–some learning models, some concepts, and some technologies–can be transformational for students, and your teaching.

Stewart-Marshall's insight:
A list of 15 transformational ideas every teacher should try –some learning models, some concepts, and some technologies.


In eLearning content development, how much text is too much text?

In eLearning content development, the amount of text on the slide is crucial. So, how much text is too much text?

Stewart-Marshall's insight:
There's a world of interactive multi-media possibilities for avoiding lots of text. This post list a few of the possibilities ...


27 Ways To Inspire Innovative Thinking In Students

27 Ways To Inspire Innovative Thinking In Students by TeachThought Staff Innovating thinking is one of those awkward concepts in education--on
Stewart-Marshall's insight:
Innovative thinking in students will flower when we design classrooms that absolutely can't survive without it. Same with critical thinking, self-direction, creativity, and so on. Until we reach that point, it's on the shoulders of the classroom teacher to tease it out of students through a combination of inspiration, modeling, scaffolding, and creating persistent opportunity.


7 tips to create the perfect eLearning conditions

Every piece of text, image, graphic, and color you use contributes to the overall atmosphere of your eLearning course. These components come together to form the eLearning environment that surrounds your audience, which can either help or hinder their success. For this reason, you must think very carefully about every design element you choose, or choose to leave out, for that matter. Here are 7 top tips for creating the perfect eLearning conditions for your eLearning experience.

Stewart-Marshall's insight:
Seven top tips for creating the perfect eLearning conditions for your eLearning experience.