Tablets in education

Excitement about the promise and potential of information and communication technology (ICT) devices for use in taching and learning has been around for a few decades, but only recently has this been translated into large scale purchases of such devices for use in schools outside of industrialized, 'highly developed' countries. What's happening where, you ask?


LEARNing Path For Professional 21st Century LEARNing By ICT PracTICE Concept | LEARNing To LEARN | eSkills

In 21st Century LEARNers Know THEIR LEARNing Path. WHAT is "Professional LEARNing"!? Well, it is DIFFERENT from normal (?) LEARNing  as it provides the Students, LEARNers THE "LEARNing Path" and...


Women in developing countries circumventing education challenges with ALISON - Masters and PhDs

ALISON provides a free learning platform and is continually inspired by the large number of female learners from developing countries, where the challenges exist. Women in India, Pakistan and Ethiopia, enroll, engage and complete course after certified course and this free education tool is helping to promote social progress and a better quality of life for those who can avail of it.


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Big Data and Predictive Analytics: Hope or Hype? - Hidden Brains Blog

Predictive analytics is not a new phenomenon. It has been in existence for decades and finally coming of age. Businesses across the globe are looking to use


School Makerspaces: Building the Buzz - Edutopia

If you build it, will they come? Just because you create a makerspace (PDF) in your school doesn't guarantee that your community will embrace it. Students who have had all personal choice removed by traditional educational models can be passive and feel overwhelmed when faced with real-world problems or design challenges. Academic passivity is common in schools where students swallow content and regurgitate it on multiple-choice tests. Students simply want to know how to get the "A." This type of learning does not stick.

Teachers may find the role of facilitator (or "guide on the side") uncomfortable if they are used to being the "sage on the stage." New technology in these spaces may be intimidating. Teachers need encouragement and professional development to change their mindsets and become facilitators of learning.

How do you change your culture and ensure that your shiny new makerspace will empower students to acquire 21st-century skills? How do you change the culture of student apathy to encourage a mindset of doing? Follow these steps and design tips to build a culture of making and active learning.


Creating eLearning Solutions For An Enterprise-Wide Global Audience: 4 Challenges And How To Overcome Them - eLearning Industry

In step with the growing popularity of eLearning solutions, organizations have to think strategically about the structure and the outcomes they hope to achieve before any eLearning content is created across the entire organizational spread. Global eLearning solutions can help companies drastically cut travel and employee training costs, as well as improve efficiency while retaining a uniform international company culture. However, there are many challenges when creating a global eLearning initiative, which can lead to unnecessary cost or delays in rolling out the initiative. By following the best practices of eLearning content development, organizations can avoid common mistakes and create impactful learning content for international learners.


Introduction to Instructional Systems Design - About Education Degrees

This course will be of great interest to all human resources, teaching and training professionals who are involved in training, instructional design and e-learning, and who would like to learn more about important aspects of instructional systems design and their use and application in designing and developing highly effective instructional materials or courses.


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