RSVP Now to Debate MOOCs Impact in the Developing World

What is the impact of MOOCs on education in the developing world?

Do MOOCs offer massive opportunity to move past the limited physical constraints of the developing world’s universities? Could we see MOOCs break past even the online and distance education gains to become a paradigm shift in educating the youth bulge that is overwhelming formal educational structures?Or are MOOCs just the latest fad in moving from the tried and true in-person relationship between professor and student? Do they replace in-depth analysis and learning with superficial glances at complex topics? Will MOOCs dilute the university degree even more, reducing higher education to just another certificate of perseverance instead of an indicator of intelligence?

To help answer these questions and formulate a direction for MOOCs in development, T-Rex is organizing a unique in-person discussion in Washington, DC, informed by educational technology luminaries and experts in education, development, and technology. 

T-Rex is an interactive discussion series on technology for development hosted by the Center for Collaborative Technologies at IREX in partnership with Kurante.


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