Analytical Frameworks for Assessing ICT and Agribusiness Ecosystems For Application in Ghana and Kenya

DFID is exploring the analytical frameworks used to assess the support market system for startup businesses in the ICT and agribusiness sectors. The review of analytical frameworks will help inform a Terms of Reference (ToR) for carrying out startup ecosystem assessments in Ghana and Kenya. This Helpdesk Request supports this effort by providing an overview of the analytical frameworks, not by outlining the forms of startup support available for these sectors.

The frameworks of interest include “M4P and other frameworks and methodologies that have been used to evaluate the 'ecosystem' for innovative, technology-oriented startup businesses in a particular country.” The ToR will be for a project assessing the forms of “support available locally for entrepreneurs in both the ICT and agribusiness sectors including university-run programmes, business incubators/accelerators, training providers and financiers (angel investors and VCs).” The analytical frameworks would need to help evaluate existing institutions, gaps in the provision of support and ways in which the ecosystems may best be strengthened. To reiterate: the request is for a discussion of available frameworks, not for startup ecosystem assessments.


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