WikiEducator Teacher Education Portal

Just recently there was another step forward in the OER movement. The new WikiEducator Teacher Education Portal which was launched on April 4, 2009 received a very encouraging response in the Commonwealth and beyond. Within 36 hours, over 312 educators in over 26 countries registered to be part of this collaborative effort. Additional teachers/countries are expected to come on board in the coming days and weeks.

Comments from the Ministry of Education in Trinidad & Tobago such as "...once again COL has provided a forum for collaboration...we can recall Trinidad and Tobago has benefited from WikiEducator training courtesy of COL over the past few years.....as a Ministry we take advantage of this opportunity to have our teachers collaborate to develop content, lesson plans....We have more than 100 teachers who participated in WIKI training last year...how can we build on this" and...the National University of Samoa commented that "this is a very useful and important resource and forum....It welcomed their staff to take relevant information to support their own work but also to make contributions to WikiEducator".

The WikiEducator Teacher Education Portal aims to provide teachers with a platform to share knowledge, to develop content specific to their needs, to benefit their teaching experience and/or to use in their classrooms, share ideas, collaborate on projects, and hold professional development workshops.

Educators are invited to join this Portal/forum in this major collaboration campaign, to create open educational resources that not only benefit themselves but also their own environment as well as others, by moving closer together and collaborating in subject areas of mutual interest, to develop open educational resources (OERs) on Wikieducator directly.

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