JISC e-Learning Pedagogy programme

The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) is funded by the UK HE and FE funding bodies to provide world-class leadership in the innovative use of ICT to support education and research. JISC funds a national services portfolio (e.g. JANET) and a range of programmes (e.g. Use of Technology to Support Admissions to HE) and projects (e.g. Google Generation project).

One programme of particular interest is the e-Learning and Pedagogy Programme. Its activities are broadly grouped under two themes:
  • Designing for Learning (with a practitioner planning focus on e-Learning) explores the process of designing, planning, sequencing or orchestrating learning tasks which may include the use of e-Learning tools. Outputs from this theme will help practitioners to make effective decisions about the use of e-Learning, and will help to support the effective design and use of learning design tools. Read a detailed overview of these activities, together with commentary on how the outcomes and recommendations are being taken forward, in Designing for Learning: An update on the Pedagogy strand of the JISC eLearning programme [Word]
  • Understanding my Learning (with a learner reflection focus on e-Learning) explores the learner perspective on e-Learning. This theme of activities focuses on issues such as perception, participation, the value and meanings learners attach to e-Learning opportunities, and learner differences. Outputs from this theme will help to inform all those involved in the support of student learning with ICT, and to promote the development of effective environments for learning. Read more about the background and rationale to Understanding my Learning [Word]

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