Technology and Social Change

I came across details of an interesting site the other day whilst browsing the site "Intellectual Property Watch".

Tom Taylor, a business consultant on social software, had an idea of how to encourage people to make behavioural changes and think innovatively about living greener lives. Taylor said that the same techniques used in consumer marketing and the same activities espoused by social networking sites could be harnessed to encourage green living.

He said that the site “Green Thing” was created to do just that: a place where positive reinforcement from peers and the ability to be creative by submitting audio files and new ideas for green actions would engage people with environmental issues. The eventual goal is to integrate “all of Web 2.0” into the Green Thing, so that users could blog about their activities or link to the group from their profiles on social networks like Facebook.

Green Thing is a community that's here to help as many people as possible in as many countries as possible to do the Green Thing. A community of Green Things across the world will not only make a sizeable CO2 saving, it will encourage governments and businesses to do the Green Thing too.

To help achieve all of that, Green Thing is a number of things:

Green Thing is an easy thing. Because lots of small things can add up to more than a few big things, Green Thing suggests one easy thing a month to tempt as many people as possible to do it. Green Thing is also free which makes it easier to be part of.

Green Thing is a creative thing. Because entertainment is very inspiring and lectures a bit less so, the monthly Green Things are suggested with brilliant content from brilliant writers, musicians, designers, directors and artists - pro and am, young and old.

Green Thing is a not-for-profit thing. Because people are cynical about commercial or political agendas, Green Thing is an independent, not-for-profit thing powered by grants from foundations and individual contributions.

Green Thing is a credible thing. Because people want to know that their action is making a difference, Green Thing is endorsed by some of the planet's leading environmental thinkers and reports back every month on the collective difference the whole community is making.

Green Thing is a principled thing. There are certain things Green Thing will and won't do.

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