ICT and Education in Africa

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Survey of ICT and Education in Africa (Volume 2): 53 Country Reports

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Survey of ICT and Education in Africa: A Summary Report, Based on 53 Country Surveys

These short reports provide general overviews of current activities and issues related to ICT use in education in individual African countries. The preliminary data presented here, drawn from a quick survey process conducted in 2007, should be regarded as illustrative rather than exhaustive.

ICT use in education is at a particularly dynamic stage in Africa; new developments and announcements are happening on a daily basis somewhere on the continent. Therefore, these reports, which are of variable length and quality, should be seen as best-effort “snapshots” that were current at the time they were taken; it is expected that certain facts and figures presented may become dated very quickly.

Each short report provides a general overview of current activities and developments related to ICT use in education in the country, using the following format:

  • Overview
  • Country profile
  • The Education System
  • ICT Policies
  • Infrastructure
  • Current ICT Initiatives and Projects
  • Implementing ICT in Education

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