Global e-schools and communities

The Global e-Schools and Communities Initiative (GeSCI), founded in 2004, provides strategic advice to Ministries of Education in developing countries on the effective use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for education and community development. Adopting a demand driven, collaborative and comprehensive approach, GeSCI aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning through the strategic and effective use of ICTs, thereby transforming education, empowering communities and promoting development.

Global e-Schools and Communities Initiative

One of the most important principles guiding GeSCI’s work is that of ownership and sustainability. GeSCI believes that it assists its country partners best when working in an advisory and supportive capacity. Country ownership of end-to-end initiatives is the only means of ensuring long-term sustainability of ICT for Education initiatives. GeSCI guides its country partners through each stage of the ICT4E process, as they determine how best to develop and implement their own country policies. GeSCI believes that the fundamental principle of a successful initiative is country ownership.

One useful document is its recently published report - "ICT4E Policies by Country". This document is a compilation of available worldwide ICT4E policies and plans, at both a national and Ministry of Education level (where available). This is a draft version containing 192 countries of which 139 have information. Download the document ICT4E policies by country1.

More on e-schools and on ICT for education policies.

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