Social networks for the professions

Social networking is not just the province of young people talking about music on MySpace. It is rapidly becoming an important Web 2.0 tool for professionals to stay in touch and collaborate with the members of their various communities of interest and practice. Here are just a few.

Nature Network

Nature Network is an online meeting place scientists to gather, talk and find out about the latest scientific news and events. Science is an international endeavor and deserves a global stage for discussion. Scientists can also benefit from interactions at the local level, which is why Nature Network has local city hubs. As with other social network sites, there are many interactive services:

  • Create your own personal profile page and describe yourself and your research.
  • Set up a group for your lab, department, institution or topic.
  • Join and have discussions with group members.
  • Build your own online network of like-minded people.
  • Discuss what's going on in your field; post comments on other people's blogs.
  • Search and browse the listing of all upcoming seminars and conferences.
  • Read the latest news, views and historical insights and then write comments.
  • Browse local jobs listings.

The website is published at: http://network.nature.com/


The combination of scientific knowledge and experience is the key success factor for biomedical research projects. Bringing the right researchers together and allowing them to grow their professional network is the ultimate goal of biomedexperts (BME) - a social networking platform for the life-science research community. The comprehensive system of pre-populated expert profiles, coupled with the ability to analyze all associated professional connections within the co-author network, allows scientists and researchers across organizations the ability to share data and collaborate in ways never before considered. The website is published at: http://www.biomedexperts.com/

SciTechNet(sm): Science and Technology Social Networking Services

SciTechNet(sm) is a blog that collects social networking sites in the Sciences and Technology. It is published at: http://scitechnet.blogspot.com/

Friends:Social Networking Sites for Engaged Library Services

This blog is devoted to the use of online social networking sites for any and all types of library-related programs or services. Maintained by Gerry McKiernan, Iowa State University Library, it is published at:http://onlinesocialnetworks.blogspot.com/


Kimberly Gordon said...

Here are some other great social networks for business professionals:

Salesconx, a networking community for sales, marketing, and small business professionals to exchange business contact information and connections.
Fast Pitch Networking, a platform for business networking through self promotion through ads, profiles and press release distribution.
Xing, a network offering personal profiles, groups, discussion forums, event coordination, and other common social community features for business professionals.

Stewart Marshall said...

Hi Kimberly

Many thanks for these additional social networks for professionals.



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