eLearning Africa calls Round Table of Ministers

International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training. An Annual Event for Building eLearning Capacities in Africa.
A round table of ministers and representatives from all across Africa is due to convene at eLearning Africa. The sixth of its kind to date, this yearly meeting offers a chance for governments to draw on the knowledge they have built up collectively over 20 years.
African educators, still challenged with the mammoth task of providing basic education, will take the opportunity to share progress reports and policies. In today’s volatile world, where new technologies have dramatic implications for policy development, such pan-African communication is vital in ensuring geographically distant countries facing similar problems can compare experiences.
Policy and Innovation in Education in Africa is this year’s theme. At a time when governments are getting involved more than ever in the growth of ICTs – with Kenya’s National Master Plan, Namibia’s Vision 2030, and the rise of African hubs – it is all the more vital for ministers to be able to learn from each other.

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