OpenLearn: New OERs

OpenLearn - the UK Open University's portal for its own open educational resources - has released some new resources for May.

One that I found particularly useful is Creating open educational resources - which is a unit that looks at the pedagogical issues involved in the creation and selection of self-study educational resources for a set of intended learning outcomes.

The other units released are:
  • Creating musical sounds
  • Revolutions in sound recording
  • Voice-leading analysis of music 1: the foreground
  • Voice-leading analysis of music 2: the middleground
  • Ratio, proportion and percentages
  • Working life and learning
  • BSE and vCJD: their biology and management
  • The MMR vaccine: public health, private fears
  • Composition and improvisation in cross-cultural perspective
  • Structural materials in cells
  • Numbers, units and arithmetic
  • Rounding and estimation
  • Vectors and Conics
  • An Introduction to Information Security
  • Scattering and Tunnelling
  • Am I Ready to Study in English?
  • Exploring the English Language
  • Personal and Career Development
  • Operations, technology and stakeholder value
  • Complex numbers
  • Number systems
  • The big bang
  • Introduction to active galaxies
  • Jupiter and its moons

Given that I will going to Ghana in a couple of weeks, I found the previously published unit Textiles in Ghana to be very interesting.

As always, I recommend a visit to the OpenLearn portal.

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l.dewis said...

Thanks for covering this - it's great to know you found the OER resource useful. If anyone wants the links to the new study units on OpenLearn you can find them on the newsletter page.