Making Free & Open Education a Reality

Open Educational Resourses (OERs) are digitized materials offered freely and openly for educators, students and self-learners to use and re-use for teaching, learning and research.

Open World Learning Institute

The Open World Learning Institute (OWL) helps individuals, families, and communities find, create and use open educational resources. OWL collects, organizes, creates and distributes OERs to make it easy for anyone to use them effectively and meaningfully. OWL does this by resolving the key issues of time, skills and access.

  • Supports the community in the use and development of open education;
  • Establishes self-sustaining, community-based open education centers;
  • Provides digital literacy programming and community outreach;
  • Researches best practices in open education;
  • Performs scientifically-based research of learning technologies, products and services;
  • Develops open source educational tools;
  • Produces standards-compliant open education courses;
  • Conducts research and advocacy in the area of digital and educational law and regulation.


Here's a useful snippet: Chris Garrett and Yoav Ezer posted an article "50+ Open Source/Free Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat & PDF" on their blog "Codswallop".

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