Building an Educational App? Read This First (EdSurge News)

Over the next four years, nearly a billion students will enter middle and high school, and if recent projections are accurate, most of them will have a smartphone in their pocket. These students will decide what apps they use and when they use them, and could potentially take large parts of their education into their own hands.

Despite this potential, there are few break-out apps that cater directly to students. The education app charts are led by games and classroom tools, and the largest student-focused apps—Duolingo, Quizlet, and recently PhotoMath—only serve a thin slice of student needs, leaving huge potential for new entrants.

We've spent the last two years at Socratic studying how students learn with the Internet. In hopes of inspiring the development of more student-focused apps, we'd like to share some of our insights about how students use their phones while studying today.