9 Tips To Improve Online Learners’ Engagement - eLearning Industry

The most online learners do not have a teacher at their place to explain things to them. Online learners cannot raise their questions before a teacher who can promptly provide answers to them. So, they do face difficulty in understanding things clearly while receiving education through online learning courses.

Their problem magnifies even more when teachers and professionals designing online courses do not give due attention to making things simple for them. As a result, online learners get to see too much of text, images, links,and graphics in their online course matter and they do not know on which online learning elements they should focus upon. There is hardly any cohesiveness and consistency in the learning message imparted to them. The navigation of these online courses is far from easy. Sometimes images relevant to the online course matter are not there. Instead those images are added which make the online learning material look pretty and have no relation with an online course’s theme. This can confuse the online learners.

Here are some tips to overcome some of these problems ...