Open-access journals confuse contributors as they experiment with peer review models

Just because scholars who seek to publish in open-access journals are open to new forms of peer review, that doesn't mean they all see eye-to-eye -- or know what to expect. As one sting operation shows, many such journals are unable to reject obviously flawed submissions, even as they promise thorough review processes. Meanwhile, other journals are even criticized for being too much like the traditional publishing they aim to reform.

 Read more at: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2013/10/04/open-access-journals-confuse-contributors-they-experiment-peer-review-models

Stewart-Marshall's insight:
This is a good discussion of the peer review process and its alternatives - but whilst some open access journals are pushing the boundaries - the issue of review should not to be confused with "open access". Many open access journals have the same peer review process as commercially published journals.