Newly launched Teacher2Teacher Network

I have just returned from a trip "down-under" with my Kenyan partner. She hadn't been there before so it was very exciting. Australia is a remarkable country - well worth visiting - although I guess I'm biased. But as with all travels to new cities or countries, it is so much better if you know someone there or are travelling with a group of like-minded people. Here's a social networking site for teachers that enables this - as well as a lot more.

Teacher2Teacher Network is a safe, private and exclusive social networking community for educators around the world to Connect, Share and Learn. Membership is open to educators from kindergarten through university.

Utilizing Web 2.0 technology, T2T Network is dedicated to harnessing the collective wisdom of its members and has restricted site and community access to Educators Only. T2T Network charges a nominal membership fee with a portion going directly to charity. The first 500 educators to register will receive their first year free.

This new site offers many features not found on other professional social networking sites. G.A.P. Adventures has agreed to provide T2T members significant savings on adventure travel. This allows T2T Adventure Travel Trekker members to come together in an exclusive T2T Members-only group, enabling them to meet and travel with T2T Network members from across the country and around the world. The T2T National/International Home Exchange is the vacation alternative offered to educators around the world. If you are willing to allow someone else to live in your home and you don't mind living in someone else's house or apartment, then this great vacation and travel alternative may be the affordable answer your family has been looking for. A conference and seminar feature allows members to browse many national and international education conferences in places like Rome, Paris and Hawaii. The features also include book discussion forums, teacher exchange opportunities, lesson plan sharing, lecture notes sharing, open source education resources, educational technology resources, discounts and a career center for browsing job openings and uploading resumes.

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