A Vision of Students Today

Url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGCJ46vyR9o
Created by Kansas State University Professor Michael Wesch in collaboration with 200 students at Kansas State University - a short video summarizing some of the most important characteristics of students today - how they learn, what they need to learn, their goals, hopes, dreams, what their lives will be like, and what kinds of changes they will experience in their lifetime.

This should probably be viewed before A Portal to Media Literacy.

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Dima said...

I first saw this video half a year or a year ago. I had an issue with it back then, and watching it again here I realize that i still have an issue. Maybe my issue is not with the video itself, but with the way it is usually presented as "important" and as presenting how the students learn and what they want to learn.

It does have an important point about disadvantages of the current education system, but it completely neglects any positive sides. When i see a person who announces that he/she do not put an effort into studying and yet claim that most of what they learn is irrelevant, i find it a problematic statement. When a person presents the fact that they spend more time on facebook than on in class as a critique of the system, i find it hardly acceptable.

I view myself as belonging to the same generation as the people in the video. Unfortunately, what I see in this video are complains, some of which make sense and some of which do not. The education system is not perfect. But I think dismissing the knowledge and experience accumulated in the system just because we became more intellectually lazy yet arrogant says as much about, as it says about the subject of criticism.

Just my two cents :)