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Foreign Providers in the Caribbean: Pillagers or Preceptors?

Stewart Marshall, Ed Brandon, Michael Thomas, Asha Kanwar and Tove Lyngra

Published: 2008

The growing phenomenon of cross-border higher education (CBHE) will not help developing countries unless it is accessible, available, affordable, relevant and of acceptable quality.

"Foreign Providers in the Caribbean: Pillagers or Preceptors?" focusses on the trends of CBHE in the Caribbean, which has its own unique characteristics.

The nine commissioned case studies provide an in-depth analysis and insights into a very complex and dynamic phenomenon. Are the foreign providers in the Caribbean pillagers or preceptors? Do they threaten existing institutions or further the developmental objectives of the countries they operate in? Are they a financial threat or an opportunity? Can the subjects they teach address both global and local concerns? Or is this a new form of cultural imperialism? These are some of the questions that this timely publication invites you to examine.

Free to download from: http://www.col.org/colweb/site/pid/5310

This is a new book in the "Perspectives on Distance Education" series. Other books in the series can be found at: http://www.col.org/colweb/site/pid/4039

Other COL Resources

"Costs and Financing in Open Schools" (Ed Du Vivier, ed.), resource book and CD-Rom

"Education for a Digital World", collaborative resource and course materials, co-published with BCcampus

"A Prospective Vision for Universities: The role of the technology transfer units and distance education" (Luis Miguel Romero Fernández, Ph.D., Rector, Universidad Técnica Particular De Loja). Translated from Spanish and published in English by COL.

Updated resource CD-ROM:

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