E-learning strategy and initiatives - two free books

The third book published by the Megatrends in e-Learning project - E-learning initiatives that did not reach targeted goals - is available as a PDF file:
This book provides case study articles and analyses of nine prestigious European e-learning initiatives that did not reach their targeted goals. The top 5 factors contributing to failure were:

  • Cost-effectiveness;
  • Stable and predictable sources of income from operation;
  • Contracts with part-time tutors & course developers;
  • Effective administrative routines;
  • High competence in online education.

Other factors included: Evolutionary development; Continuing research; Based on standard technologies; Wide range of subjects and levels; Flexible student start-up and progression; Focus on asynchronous communication; Support from top management; Enthusiastic employees; Strategies that support online education; Focus on quality; Collaboration with other institutions; High credibility with the government.

Here is another free digital book - Handbook of e-Learning Strategy produced by the eLearning Guild. This one seeks to answer the question, "What should we be doing in order to support improved learning and performance?" It helps readers to make a broad, fundamental connection between learning, e-Learning, and an organization's mission, business objectives, and the bottom line. Chapters address everything from crafting a focused strategy, to keeping the strategy focused, to change management.

For more on e-learning, visit the website about e-learning.

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